A Cross-Promotional Discovery…

Cross-Promotional Campaign: Investigation Discovery Channel

The Investigation Discovery Channel, also known as “ID,” is a subdivision of the larger Discovery Networks International.  It was launched in March 2003 and has become “America’s leading investigation network,” according to the Discovery Network’s website.  The channel is also associated with its own website InvestigationDiscovery.com and Twitter Account #IDAddict.

The Discovery Network owns several other channels including Science Channel, Discovery Fit&Health, TLC, Animal Planet, OWN, Military Channel, and Planet Green.  Therefore, the Investigation Discovery Channel has some strength in that it is part of a large, strong corporation.  However, no corporation can do without advertising, and it is very apparent that there is a strong cross-promotional campaign at work within the Discovery Network. On the corporate website, there are links to the websites for each individual channel.  On each channel’s website there is a menu running across the top with the other Discovery-owned channels so that when someone is viewing the Animal Planet website they can see that Investigation Discovery is an associated channel and can quickly visit the site with a click of their mouse.  This is true for all of the Discovery Networks’ channels.

Similarly, there are advertisements during commercial breaks on the ID channel that promote shows airing on Animal Planet, TLC, and other Discovery-owned channels.  Therefore, it seems that Discovery has a strong cross-promotional campaign in multiple areas including the internet and the channel’s advertisements between programs.

Discovery Network could enhance their cross-promotional campaign even further by running specials on other channels where interests might overlap.  For example, Discovery could run a special on Human Mental Health on the Discovery Fit & Health Channel.  This special could discuss sociopathic personalities, mental health issues that contribute to criminal activity, or drug use and advertise the Investigation Discovery Channel heavily during that special.  This could help convert avid viewers of the Fit & Health Channel to avid viewers of Investigation Discovery.  The phenomenon could also be reversed and Discovery could advertise the “Mental Health Special” on Investigation Discovery to try to  interest those viewers in the Fit&Health Channel.

Another possibility would be to have a special on Investigation Discovery about K-9’s or other animals that are involved in police-work and crime-solving.  Discovery could then advertise this series or special program on Animal Planet to encourage the animal-lovers to tune into ID to see their beloved animals helping to solve crimes. They could also show the program as a special on Animal Planet to really convince the viewers to tune into ID to see the program during its regular schedule.

Discovery Network has done an excellent job cross-promoting its many channels on the internet and during television advertisements, but they could more easily convince their viewers to check out their other channels if they give them a sample of what the other channel has to offer. It is much more likely that a consumer would check out the ID Channel if they saw an ID program on their usual Animal Planet.  If the consumer is just browsing the website or ignoring the ads on TV, it is very possible that they might never take the plunge and explore a new channel.



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