Farm Love

For my multimedia ad campaign post, I’ve found what can only be described as a real gem. And that gem is ,a dating site devoted completely to, you guessed it, farmer-to-farmer social connections and dating. FarmersOnly(FO) is a U.S. and Canada based farmer dating website, and I happened to come upon its advertisements for the first time on Maryland’s eastern shore, in the Easton Star-Democrat, a local newspaper. 

            FO, quite frankly, is brilliant. It appeals to a virtually untapped market in most forms of modern advertising media, and offers them a service that, to my knowledge, is of interest in one way, shape, or form to everyone on this planet. However this is only half the brilliance, the latter part comes in their total advertisement package.  While they make use of the internet, the typically least farmer-friendly place in the world, to market their product, they built trust amongst their target clientele through ways considered more traditional and better accepted to many people in more rural, farm based areas. Medium such as the local newspaper, and commercials on the evening news solidify what appears initially to be a very shaky concept amongst the target audience. In addition to the timing and placement of the advertisements, the advertisements themselves are quite appealing as well. Ranging from their informative tv spots, to simple internet banners, to half page spreads in rural newspapers, the ads all focus around a simple and easy to interpret message. They all, in some way shape or form, show a lonely female farmer walking through a harvested cornfield, and a lonely male farmer baling hay. These two simple features highlight one simple message for the service: if you’re a farmer, and you’re lonely, we can help. All these ads are followed with the tell all tagline of “because city folks just don’t get it” and this nails the coffin shut on their advertisements, saying that even if you’re among the rare sector of farmers who has tried online dating, we realize that you’re probably not looking for a hedge-fund manager or taxi driver, but someone to plow the fields with.

            In terms of reaching and sticking with their target demographic and psychographic, FO hit the sweet spot. Perfect timing, proper content, and pure brilliant ingenuity all came together to form a perfect business for these entrepreneurs. Simply put, while kids in the urban regions of a cable company’s area of general provision might get a laugh at what they think to be a late night commercial about a farmers dating site at four thirty in the morning, quite some distance away, there’s a strategically targeted farmer who is actually just waking up for work and watching the morning weather forecasts, while checking the local morning news paper, and both of those are telling him to get to a computer and sign up to find a girl to eat breakfast with in the morning. He signs up and finds a girl, the people at FO make a killing, and the kids from the city suddenly stop laughing at what they think is stupidity and start admiring what they realize to be a great idea.



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